FA50 Fuel Line Question

Bought a FA50 and got it running pretty easily. Have a couple of questions I have not been able to find answers for.

1) There is a capped/plugged tube on the carbaretor near the slide and a capped/plugged tube on the top right edge of the petcock. Should these 2 be connected with a piece of tubing?

2) My FA50 seems to run pretty good so far, but just got it running so I'm sure it has a cobweb or 2. The oil tank was full of sediment and the line plugged. Problem corrected but there still is no smoke when idling or running down the street. Is this ok or should I be looking deeper into this situation?

How do I know it is getting oil?

Top speed so far is only about 22 to 25. If the speedo is accurate. It feels faster than that.

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