Tomos Moped Clutch Problems

I've got a 1986 Tomos A3 50, and I think the 2nd gear clutch is slipping. I need advice on 3 questions.

#1. On flat ground I can feel it struggling to get into 2nd gear, but it eventually does, although it has real trouble getting above 15 when going up some hills. Is the clutch the problem?

#2. How expensive are the parts required to perform this fix?

#3. How complicated is the fix? I've got average mechanical skill, and if I had a decent manual I could probably do it myself, but I'd like a sense of the difficulty from someone who's do this before.



Re: Tomos Moped Clutch Problems

1. What kind of oil are you using in the transmission? Use FORD AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FLUID (Type F at most places). Going up hills on my Tomos normally means that if you DONT hit it at full speed... 15 is as fast as you're going to climb it. This is because if you're going full throttle at 15mph uphill the stress on the transmission wont allow the 2nd gear clutch to engage until you relieve some of the stress.

2. Clutches are cheap... labor is expensive.

3. You need a certain amount of skill when dealing with a moped transmission. There are manuals on (or .com). You may need some special tools to get the job done correctly and safely.

Call up a dealer. Have him look at the ped. First and foremost... Change the transmission fluid and see how it goes.


Re: Tomos Moped Clutch Problems

Thanks for the advice. With regards to the transmission fluid, I just recently changed it with Type F. Is it possible that I didn't put enough in? Or perhaps it needs more? I know that you're suppose to fill it up to the screw. I actually had some fluid still trickling out of the hole when I put the screw back in. Should I take the screw out, and make sure that the fluid level is definitely below the screw.


Re: Tomos Moped Clutch Problems

sounds like your problem is weak power from clogged exaust.try taking the muffler off and make a breif run with no muffler if it has good power then clean or replace muffler. the transmission wont shift till it gets to the right rpm clogged muffler will hold it back

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