engine cuts out on city bike

hey gang.. my engine stops when i apply rear brake only..not when front brake is engaged. any ideas why?

also.. the brake light switch snapped off at the base (handle). how do i repair?

thanks for any help.

Re: engine cuts out on city bike

what make-model do you have? it would make things easier but from what you're telling me it sounds like a common wiring issue inherent to some models. consult your manual and make sure all wiring is correct and that the bulbs are the right wattage etc. any pics of your bike to fix the brake light switch?

Re: engine cuts out on city bike

hey max, i have a 77 cimatti city bike. i will check the wiring and the bulbs. there are pics of my bike (well my type) on this site in the gallery. i thank you for your advice.

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