'76 snark parts?

I have a 1976 bianchi snark w/motori minarelli engine. I need to get parts but I can't find any anywhere on the web. I need a new headlight, which I think I may have found at themopedjunkyard.com. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get a speedometer cable and a sprocket? I would also like to get a bigger carb and preformance exhaust.



Re: '76 snark parts?

Three more q's: What spark plug do I need, does anyone have a suggestion for a carb that will fit on this 'ped, and is it normal for it not to propel itself up a hill (on the grass)? I think it has a 49.4 cc engine, but I definitely need to clean out the carb b/c it was sitting in a garage w/ gas in it for about 5 or 6 years. Will this significantly affect the preformance? the speedometer/odometer cable was broken when I got it and it reads a little over 1000 miles. I know this seems suspiciously low for a 30 year old 'ped but I don't think it was used much. Is it time to check timing, points, and condensers? It runs fine but I don't know if it has as much power as it should.


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