Seizure + Tomos = NO FUN

Yesterday it was VERY humid out and around 88-90 degrees. I went to drive around a little bit and the ped was running great. I had recently filled the ped with gas and put a couple cap-fulls of AmsOil in the tank, swashed it up and went on my way.

About 5 miles later I was going 35 and it felt like someone slammed on the rear brake and pulled the plug-wire at the same time. I was like, wtf is this? So i turned the switch off, checked the bike out, and everything seemed fine. It kicked over, first try, and went on my way.

1 mile later, same thing.

2 miles after that, same thing.

I seized it about 4 times on the way back home.

What's causing this? Too much oil? To hott to ride?

(KnN filter, Technigas, 58 jet, 25 tooth sprocket) Incase that helps.

Thanks a lot.


Re: Seizure + Tomos = NO FUN


Are you running premix?

Have you disconnected your Oil injector??

Are you SURE there was enough oil in the fuel?

I use Amsol and that stuff is great!

Re: Seizure + Tomos = NO FUN

John Joedicke /

Is it kitted also, if so your jet is too small.

Re: Seizure + Tomos = NO FUN

No. It's not kitted. It's still 50cc... Stock Oil Injection + a capful or two in the gas.

Like i said, the only thing i've got on the thing is the KnN, 58 jet, Technigas, and a 25 tooth torque sprocket.

Do you think there's too much oil in the gas and there's sludge building and gluing the cylinder to the piston?

Is that a possibility?



Re: Seizure + Tomos = NO FUN

if something is wrong with the oil, it's not that you have too much...

you probalby have to little


Re: Seizure + Tomos = NO FUN

I've never heard of a seize from too much oil!!

Your plugs will foul before anything bad happens.

Disconnect your injector and use premix until you get it fixed.

I hope you have permanently damaged anything :-(


Re: Seizure + Tomos = NO FUN

John Joedicke /

Check the jug and piston, after 4 times you definitely will have damage. Also check your lines at the pump and at the bottom of the side cover for pinching and kinks.

Re: Seizure + Tomos = NO FUN

My guess is that your oil injection completely failed,and all you had for oil is what you put in the tank.Get rid of the oil injection system NOW,and premix 40:1.See how it runs.It might be ok.If not,now is the time to put a 70cc kit on it.Tomos oil injection is JUNK.I removed mine several weeks ago,and found the oil lines all kinked and crushed,and there were air bubbles in the oil.

Re: Seizure + Tomos = NO FUN

I agree with Jerry on this one. Your injector failed, and all you has was alittle in the tank.

Why didnt you stop riding it after the 1st time it happened?!?!

Re: Seizure + Tomos = NO FUN

A Capful or two is not enough at all.

If you put 1 gallon in at 50:1 you should have put 2.6 ounces of oil. I would have put in 3 just to be safe. Maybe even a tad more than that. Do yourself a favor and next time get a measuring cup. First thing to do though, take the plug off and put maybe half a capful directly into the cylender. Then start it after adding more oil into the tank.

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I know it sounds like a stupid quetion but was your oil reservoir full?

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Shit... Alright...

The reason i didnt stop riding it the first time it happend was because i was so far from home, there was no way for me to walk it back and i didnt have a cell phone.

Also, I didnt JUST use the cap-fulls of oil... i used the cap-fulls in conjunction with the oil injection.

I checked all my lines... everything's straight and connected. The oil resivoir is full.

The bike runs beautifully today. I had it flying down the road at top speed with no problems. I just wish I knew what caused the problem. I have no leaks, did no dammage to the piston, nothing hit anything or wrapped up against anything.

The plug was beautiful.

I just dont get it... Maybe the injector pump fouled or something due to the humidity...

I still don't know. I'll dig into the motor this weekend and pop the jug off to make sure nothing went wrong.

Thanks for all the input.


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Does the tomos have a steel liner in the jug or is it nikasil? If you have some scuffing on the piston take the piston out and get some 400 grit wet or dry sandpaper and sand the skirts of the piston at a 45 degree angle in both directions, wet of course. This would also be a good time to check for carbon build-up in the exhaust port and anywhere else it could form. If you have a steel liner you wont have to worry about the barrel. Nikasil is a different story, and can be damaged. I have never been a fan of oil injection, cause when you do a premix, you know the oil is there. After 40+ yrs. of 2 stroke bikes of all sizes, I don't do anything but premix.

My spin,


Re: Seizure + Tomos = NO FUN

Please keep us posted...

Are you plannng to disconnect and check your oil injector?

Re: Seizure + Tomos = NO FUN

I'll definately keep you posted. I rode it around all day today and it ran beautifully. I'll take the motor appart thisweekend and check everything out.

I just de-carbonized the exhaust a couple weeks ago. But i'll double check that.

I will also check the oil pump and take the banjo nut off and make sure i'm getting good flow.

Thanks for all the input, i'll post my results later in the week.


Re: Seizure + Tomos = NO FUN

Danny?? What's the deal??

Re: Seizure + Tomos = NO FUN


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