Bent Rim

Michael Miehle /

I have a dent in my rear rim that makes my ciao shake like the Shuttle Columbia above 20mph. Anyone figure out how to fix this? I'm thinking about taking the spokes off and giving it some precussion maintenance. (hitting it with a hammer!) Mike

Re: Bent Rim

Leon Swarmer /

The rim has been stretched if it is big dent and will never be perfect. However if you have a big honker pair of vice grips..or better yet a vice, sometimes you can squeeze the sides in a bit and help it. Note... with the tire or tube off. Hammers are pretty clumsy. Don't take the spokes off. you'll never get it right again unless you are really good.

I'd think you ought to put up a WTB note on the for sale forum.


Re: Bent Rim

yeah, getting a wheel back to true is extremely hard let alone bending the frame of the wheel back into shape..

you can spend a lot of time and very careful effort (and probably learn a lot) bending it back into shape and getting it back to true, but if you really want a good working wheel, look for a new one.

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