rattling puch engine?

I finally got this 86 puch sport 2 speed running (had to change out the switch for the headlight/horn). The guy I bought it from said that the store that he bought it from talked him into having a big bore kit installed and he did. It runs pretty well but its not much faster than my 78 puch 1 speed. The engine seems to rattle although it may just be the extra noise from the bb kit. The manual says to use a gauge to test the ignition timing, is there any other way to test it? Could bad timing keep the bike from running at max speed?

Also what can happen if the gearbox is filled with toomuch oil?

Re: rattling puch engine?

If the tranny is overfilled it will slow it down... but it wouldn't cause a rattle...

Make sure the bike is completely level (not on the kickstand) and remove the level screw on the side of the tranny... let the excess dribble out and replace the screw and gasket/washer and the level will be correct.

I use synthetic tranny fluid and it works great!

Good luck!

Re: rattling puch engine?

Does it have to be type F or it doesn't really matter as long as it tranny fluid?

Re: rattling puch engine?

The manual calls for Type F and that works fine... but the manual was written before synthetic was invented... I made the switch and I'm happy with synthetic!

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