Gas Mixture

I have a old Sachs 2-cycle moped. It gives a ratio of 1:50 to make the mixture. I was wondering if I could take my 2-cycle mixture for my weed wacker and use that. You know how you get that little bottle of oil and add it to 1- gallon of gas. Thanks for the help

Re: Gas Mixture

Becareful, you need to know what the fuel ratio is that was mixed for your week wacker or you could run too lean and burn up the motor or too rich and eventually foul a plug.

Re: Gas Mixture

I just figured it out. The little bottle of oil you get for the weed wacker is 2.6 fl. ounces. There is 128 fl. ounces in a gallons. So that is just about a 50 to 1 ration, right? Can someone give me a confirmation on my thinking? thanks

Re: Gas Mixture

2.56oz. to a gallon of gas is a 50:1 ratio.


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