Puch Magnum XK Engine

Does anyone know if the crankshaft in the engine on my 1978 Puch Magnum XK has a sleeve-type bearing or needle-type bearing?

Obviously, I could simply tear it down and find out, but I'd rather avoid the hassle.



Re: Puch Magnum XK Engine

im pretty sure they all have sleeve bearings, and the korado motors from a few years ago are the only ones with needle bearings.

Re: Puch Magnum XK Engine

Round sleeve type :P

Re: Puch Magnum XK Engine

Ok take out my trusty 8/79 manum parts book.The one speed XKs use for a crank bearing right side Deep row ball bearing 40/17/12 6203 ZNR Puch part# 900.6233 that's the bearing with the snap ring around it's circumfrence to locate the bearing in the case.The left side uses Deep row ball bearing 40/17/12 6203 DIN 625 puch part# 900.6203.As for the connecting rod wrist bearing that's a sleve/Bushing Puch part# 349. Hth.Jim

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