What's wrong with my motobecane romp?

I have an 1981 motobecane romp usually rides just fine. Recently, right after I start it up and start pedaling off there is a strange, continous clicking noise that doesn't stop then it stalls, sort of. I found that the chain had been dry and had fallen off so I greased it up and put it back on. Now after I start going the bike does the same stalling thing, slowing down. I started taking the thing apart but I'm not sure what I'm looking for-I'm not sure what it could be. I'm very, very new at all this so please be patient with me and spare some knowledge....?

Re: What's wrong with my motobecane romp?

After changing the chain did the clicking stop?

Take apart the carb, and clean it with carb cleaner, make sure cleaner can squirt through every passage (wear googles if possible), if it will not squirt through, use a wire, or guitar string to clean out passages. Put a small inline fuel filter designed for a lawnmower in your fuel line, they can be found at car parts stores. the tank probably has some rust, or junk in it, and is causing the carb to get gummed up.

put in a new spark plug if you havent allready

Champion L86c or =

If you are still clicking, it may be the pulley wheel, examine the back side of the pulley wheel switch





Re: What's wrong with my motobecane romp?

ive had this same sort of thing happen. make sure your chain is tensioned properly. there should be about 3/4" slack vertically in the chain, top and bottom (maybe a bit less than 3/4") ..

on my bike i didnt have it tensioned enough and the chain would make rattly whinding /clicking noises before coming off when i hit a hard bump... that would be your best bet.

Re: What's wrong with my motobecane romp?

On my post I am assuming you have 2 different problems

1-Clicking sound

2-Stalling bike

where does the click come from?

Re: What's wrong with my motobecane romp?

yeah, but you should do what dan says as well.. i dont know if it'll solve your problem, but it wouldnt hurt.


Re: What's wrong with my motobecane romp?

ok, thanks for responding you guys!

well it's not internal, I am realizing. There are those two problems mentioned prior. I tightened the chain up on the left side quite a bit and got it going for a while. sounded fine for two days then the same thing starts happening again, just now the chain is tight. Fiddling with it, I realize it kinda pops of the the sprocket when its gassed up. thought it might be worn down sprockets, but somethign with the gears seems off as well. There's only neutral and drive an I'm not sure exactly how they work but I feel like they are pushing the chain off somehow....

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