Clean carb=poor performance??

I got gutsy yesterday and decided to pull the carb off of my 1987 Trac Olympic. Everything came apart and went back together well, and I followed the proper procedure in Fred's guide. When putting the top back on the carb (holds choke cable and throttle cable) a little metal piece came out of the throttle control side. I'm pretty sure I got it in correctly, but now I've got more problems. It started back up after I put the carb back on (means I did something right lol) but now it's experiencing poor performance at pick up and sometimes will not even go over 10mph. It still needs choked, but starts much easier than before. The pick up is not so good, and the engine is having trouble staying running at times, it seems to be okay on the stand, but once off, it chugs and when you give it full throttle, it sort of bogs out and won't go. After it warms up, it runs good, but still the pick up speed isn't very good, but top end is a little better. Anyone got any advice you could offer or am I missing something here??? Thanks in advance.

Re: Clean carb=poor performance??

What did the little metal piece look like?Jerry.

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