70cc problem

I got my 70cc kit honed on Saturday and my friend an i installed it. After i checked everything to make sure nothing was missing, as i went to go fire it up it started to back fire and when i kicked it again, my friend was standing behind me to push me to give me a boost, as i kicked it, a blue flame shot out the back and it almost hit him in his face. But after i kicked it again for the fifth time, it started with the choke down but when i let it run for 2 mins, i puled up the choke and it cut off. Put the choke down again, it started, let off the choke, it cut off. What could be the problem???

Re: 70cc problem

you need to adjust your carb to your new cylinder, sounds like its running way rich

Re: 70cc problem

this is his friend that helped it install it, what you mean adjust the carb? like the idiling and could it be a air leakage? And does the hole on a 70cc kit go upwards or downwards? thanks

Re: 70cc problem

the hole on the piston goes to the intake side.

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