1977 Demm Smiley

I just bought a Demm Smiley moped the othere day. Guy had it stored in a garage for a couple of years. It looks to be mostly complete. EXCEPT for a spark plug ! Does anyone know what kind of sparkplug this bike takes ? Also where i can get a manual , or if you have one would you be willing to copy it for me, i'll pay you obviously. And also do you know what make the carburetor is on this bike ? Where is a good source for parts possibly for this bike ?

If i can get a plug and get the bike to fire. I'll continue with restoring it. The carb will need cleaned and rebuilt, and the gas tank will need to be relined, new tires and tubes.

Re: 1977 Demm Smiley

John Joedicke /

Looks like a RL86C or L86C set at .030 should work for you. Manual/parts?

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