78 Puch Maxi Electrical

Patrick Menefee /

I re did the wiring on my puch after I reassembled it because it was wrong and now i have it all hooked up. The only problem is that the 2 switches that the ped came with for the kill switch and the lights/horn, the previous owner broke them off. I have a kill switch hooked up but when I tried to do the same thing with the lights and horn it didn't work. I hooked up the wire for the light which is black/yellow, and the power wire which is yellow, to a 2 prong switch and when I started up the moped the near dead light turned on. But I had the blue/black wire for the horn by itself which made it buzz and the only way to get it to stop was to touch it to the other 2 wires. Also, if I flipped the switch that made the lights stay on to the opposite setting it killed the engine too. If anyone knows why this is happening I would appreciate some help. Thanks.

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