Motobecane won't start

The timing is correct, the carb it clean, i have a spark, and fuel flow is good. but the thing won't even turn-over. the spark plug is wet after i try to start it. but the carb doesn't look flooded, as in there isn't a bunch of gas sitting in the carb, but i have noticed gas in the engine and even in the exhaust pipe? is that common? anything else i might try?

Re: Motobecane won't start

Check the compression. Place your thumb over the sparkplug hole and turn it over.

Can you tell if air is getting out somewhere.

if bad, examine the decompression valve first.

If it seems ok, put in a new plug, then take it to the top of the biggest hill you can find. And get it going fast fast fast. Maybe it just needs some tough lovin'

Re: Motobecane won't start

It might be that you have some liquid fuel in the bottom end of the engine. This will prevent a 2-stroke from running.

Pull the plug, put the plug wire someplace safe (where it can't ignite anything), hold the throttle wide open, and pedal hard like you're trying to start it.

If there is any gas in the bottom end, it will spray out of the plug hole.

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