Rust in tank

just got a new puch magnum. There is a ton of rust in the tank!!! What should i do or use to clean it??



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There are a LOT of threads covering rusty tanks.

Try using the search feature for more info.

Mountain Man

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Yep, MM is right - there's a ton of info that you can get to by searching. I had the same thing and had to go at it twice cause the 1st time I didn't put enough time or effort into it. Your best bet, if it's really bad, is (unfortunately) to strip it down to the frame and suspend it from a tree branch, fill the tank with hot soapy water and 25 assorted nuts and shake the crap out of it for about 2 hours. Get a friend to help you. Then, treat the tank with acid, neutralizer and kreem - search the board for this info. Jim.

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I forgot...if there is any evidence of the tank being kreemed before, then you'll have to soak it with acetone for a bit - overnight maybe, and do the hot-soapy-water-with-nuts thing over again. Hot soapy water won't remove old kreem. Jim

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all these methods are more work than they are worth. kreem kits are very hard to use, soap takes too much eblow grease and acids are dangerous.

Get 4, 2 litre bottles of coke.

fill your tank slowly up to the top with coke and let it sit over night.

take a bunch of wire coathangers and open them all up and tape them together with duct tape. Spread them all out at wierd angles and head back to your bike.

dump the coke out and insert your torture device into the tank spin it all around moving in and out.

rinse the shit out of it with a hose , actually puting the hose in the tank.

fill it up with coke overnight again and nump rinse. then fill with gas.

invest in 4-5 new inline fuel filters and just go from there. keep one on the bike in case it gets clogged during a ride. as long as you always have gas in the bike it wont rust anymore.

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I have a Magnum too! Fortunately you can detach the tank if you need to (although you probably won't).

Here's what I did... it came out awesome and I don't even use an in-line filter... the Magnum has 2 seperate filters built into the petcock and another one in the banjo bolt at the carb... make sure you clean the one in the carb too... you can hardly tell it's there untill you take apart the banjo bolt... look closely... and pop it out!

Kreem should only be used in extreme cases and not as a matter of course for a slightly rusted tank. I’m sure it is fine if you are like many of the experienced restorers on here but for a newbie to slosh this around in the tank and correctly pour off the excess is no easy task… especially in a step through where the tank cannot be removed and you need to pick the ped up and turn it upside down and all around to coat everything. It can quickly turn into a huge mess and leave you with chunks of the stuff floating around and clogging everything from your gas cap vent to your fuel petcock.

It’s ok to use the first two steps or go with muric acid but the third step with the goop is more trouble than it’s worth unless the tank is actually rusted clear through in spots…

There is a great article on how to clean a rusty tank at:

I found that once the rust is removed the oil in the pre-mix will coat the interior of the tank nicely and prevent further rusting… and it’s always good practice to keep the tank topped off with premix to prevent air and moisture from coming in contact with the metal in the tank interior…

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Kevin B. /
kev OP

poured about 6 liters of coke in the tank. I am letting it sit over night! Well see what happens tomorrow!!!

Thanks for the help!


Re: Rust in tank

Kevin B. /
kev OP

well it seemed to have worked!! although when i poured the gas in therewassome more rust that came out! So i am going to put on a few filters and go from there!!!

Thanks for all the helpful tips!!!


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