Transmision Fluid Leaking

Their is transmission fluid leaking out onto the chain and then going onto the back wheel. What is causing the leak and can it be fixed.

Re: Transmision Fluid Leaking

first you will want to check your ped and make sure there is the propper amount of transmission fluid in it. Next,wipe down the entire engine area and make sure there is no "oil" spots, or area where it is wet from transmission fluid. Make sure you do a good job. Observe what you see, it it is nothing take your ped around the block and park it and see what happens. After wiping it down, you should be able to tell where the leak is comming from by following the fluid to where it starts. Once you know where it is leaking from, you will be able to determine how hard it will be to fix.

I am a newbie at this, but that was my first problem that I have had to face.

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