Cannot get to idle by itself

Thanks for the e mails and help. I can get the scooter to start now using starting fluid but it will not idle by itself. As long as I'm giving it some gas it runs perfectly but it will cut off when I return the throttle to idle. Any ideas?

Thanks again for your help

Re: Cannot get to idle by itself

what kind is it?

Re: Cannot get to idle by itself

Sounds like the idle circuit in the carb is plugged. Have you taken it apart and cleaned it?

Have you adjusted the idle mixture screw? Have you tried screwing in the idle speed crew?

Re: Cannot get to idle by itself

Hey guys thanks, its an Honda Aero 125 the small tube in the carb was clogged with gummy gas, it now idles great but will onyl run approx. 35mph any suggestions as to getting the speed up higher? It has been sitting the man said since 1989 the last inspection sticker and registration.

Thanks again for all your help

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