Immediate power loss on Puch

Greetings everyone,

My first submission to the board...

I own a '79 Puch Maxi II that I purchased a month ago with only 350 miles. I've been riding the bike and it has performed flawlessly until this morning. I was about a mile from home when the bike started to slow (from 30 mph) and lose power. I was able to maintain about 10-12 mph and could only accomplish this by twisting the throttle to the half-way position. Anything more and the engine would bog down and want to die.

The bike is not out of gas and the mix is set at 50:1. I also opened the gas cap to ensure a vacume wasn't occurring that would prevent normal operation.

I read through many posts and did not find anything that addressed this issue.

I'm sure that this is related to the carb and have a rebuild kit that I'll be installing but would appreciate your expertise before I get in over my head.

Many thanks in advance!


Re: Immediate power loss on Puch

John Joedicke /

Sounds like you have a partial block in the jet otr a small air/vacuum leak. Tighten everything up after you check the jet. 10 # head torque.

Re: Immediate power loss on Puch

Sounds like your jet sucked up some old rust or sediment that was sitting in the tank...

easy fix.. clean the carb and flush the tank and lines... when you clean the carb be sure to clean the tiny filter that sits inside the banjo bolt... you cant even tell it's there unless you look closely and pop it out!

Are you the same dude who was asking about the carb rebuild kit on the Puch Yahoo group??

Hope this helps :P

Re: Immediate power loss on Puch

Thanks for your thoughts. Do you think I can get this done in a couple of hours or less?

Actually... I was not on the other board (mentioned above) but I did recently purchase a rebuild kit from one of the stores on line.

Re: Immediate power loss on Puch

Anyone have a good recomendation for an in-line fuel filter?

Re: Immediate power loss on Puch

Jason Luther /

any lawn mower shop should have a filter. but the bing carb should have one built in. (in the fuel inlet fitting). cleaning the carb should take about 5 minutes. but take your time and get familiar with the carb.

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