spark plug for pa50 II

what exact spark plug is required?


Re: spark plug for pa50 II

The manual calls for a NGK BPR-6HS . Gap is 0.6 to 0.7 mm (on a new bike in perfect tune). Or a W 20 FPR (ND) .. equivalent to the NGK.

Near as i can figure the ND is "Nippondenso"... Japanese ..

"Read about what the numbers mean":

The same plug but another brand might perform as well, worse or better.. depends on the bike's condition. Auto parts stores can cross-reference to other brands if they don't sell NGK or ND.

Fine tuning plug heat range and gap requires some careful work, but the recommended plug type and specs are perfectly adequate on a stock bike running under normal conditions.

..of course you have to stick to the correct thread diameter and thread reach..

Re: spark plug for pa50 II

I get mine at the local Honda store. About $2.00

Re: spark plug for pa50 II

Mine came w/ a champion L86C

mean anything to you Joe w?



Re: spark plug for pa50 II

sounds real familiar.. i think it crosses over to a NGK B6HS

i was reading one page about a shop teacher who makes students crossover numbers from one plug manufacturer through several others.. finally circling back to the original.. said that they never come back to the original plug number..

Re: spark plug for pa50 II

NGK BPR-6HS=Champion L86C

Re: spark plug for pa50 II

NGK BPR-6HS is a resistor plug..

Champion resistor plugs begin with a "R".

So, a more correct (although probably not completely correct) Champion substitute would be the RL86C.

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