Hi Guys, Where would I find a headlight for my 1978 Express.I also need a tail light.which i can probably find at NAPA

Any help would be appreciated.Thank You Butch

Re: 1979 hONDA eXPRESS

Leon Swarmer /

You have a couple choices on the headlight.

The stock sealed beam at a dealer About $30.00

Or there is a replacement that has replaceable bulbs. It does take a bit of wiring and isn't a perfect fit, but replacing the lamp is a whole lot cheaper. I've got a post long ago with the brand and part #..search 50plus and look for express headlights. Oh yea, I bought mine at the honda dealer, and the initial cost was close to $30.oo but replacements will be much cheaper.

FYI running the express without a battry can pop those easily.


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