where to get correct wiring for puch

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I need to completely rewire my Puch Cobra with an E50, currently the lighting system is not functioning and I suspect a bad connection between my 6 post wiring block and the lighting assemblies. I tried to locate some wire with home depot and what they had was not going to serve my purposes... Any ideas where i can get some wire to do a quick re-wire?



Re: where to get correct wiring for puch

a quick re-wire? if you mean building a complete wiring harness, i doubt it'll be quick..

The wire should be available at a good electronics supply store.. i don't mean Radio Shack although they may have a couple of solid colors of the proper gauge.. A big wholesale electronics supply would be a better choice, offering many gauges and colors with/without identification color stripes... might get expensive.

If i needed a lot of wire, i'd go to a junkyard and find any bike (maybe a car) and strip it's harness and use that.... and get a bunch of colors, along with terminals, connectors and other stuff for free or at a very low cost.

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