chappy gas leak

ive got a 78 yamaha chappy and there a couple problems with it. first there is a gas leak, im not exactly sure but i think its coming from the overflow tube off the carb.

i also have a wiring problem. both turn signals work, but none of the other lights work.

does anybody know why im leaking and is there a wiring diagram somewhere that i could see? help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: chappy gas leak

Leon Swarmer /

Gotta be sure of where that gas leak is. Gas leaks are often the result of the valve that the carb float opens and closes sticking open.

does the chappy use vacuum to suck gas in or just gravity?

Wave at the SR-71 for me next time you go past it.


Re: chappy gas leak

well, ive rebuilt the carb about a month ago, but ill check that. it uses gravity to feed the gas, and i think my fuel switch may be bad, but would that cause gas to leak out of the carb?

and o yes, im at the college right now, so im probably about 1/4 mile from the good ol SR-71.

Re: chappy gas leak

Leon Swarmer /

A bad petcock could be letting the fuel run outside the hose to the carb..but you'd probably see/feel that.

Any gaskets leaking?

You could check all the other bulbs with a battery to see if they light or not.

good thing i don't go to school there. I'd be volunteering at the cosmosphere all the time.


Re: chappy gas leak

Seeing if you ever got that problem solved? Also, I have a wiring diagram for 1978 LB 50. My Chappy is also leaking gas but, it is from a bad Fuel Petcock...I'm trying to locate one but it's difficult. If you have any info on where I can find one I can help out with the diagram. It's funny all my lights work except the front headlight.



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