Tomos Handle bars alignment & front end? forks

I wrecked my moped a few weeks ago: Tomos Sprint 2003.

Today I put my knees tight against the front wheel and straightened out my handle bars.

Then when I went riding down the road I took my hands off the handle bars and my moped wants to swerve to the left. I have to shift my weight to the right (lean to the right) to keep my moped going in a straight line.

What could be wrong?

Front forks bent?

Rim bent?

Re: Tomos Handle bars alignment & front end? f

I patched my rear tire.

Could it be mis-aligned and causing my moped to want to go to the right?

Also I put on a 25 tooth sprocket.

Could something related to that change cause this problem?

I need my moped to be very stable in the turns when I pass Will Laing, Josh, and Chris, etc.

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Re: Tomos Handle bars alignment & front end? f


If your back tire is misaligned then yes it will cause you to drift one way or the other.


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