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I am working on a custom moped. it has a zundapp motor and a jawa frame, and ive been working on it for a while, actually the fact that I owned the motor is the reason that I got into mopeds in the first place. at any rate Ive attached the motor to the frame by use of some custom brackets and I flipped the rear tire and added spacers as nessisary so that the chain lines up. This moped moter is heavily modified, it has an extra fuel channel cut into the side of the cylinder for a total of 3 fuel inputs, I also have a 21 millimeter carb on it, and quite frankly im getting impatient to get this project finished. I tried to crank it the other day only to find that the spark plug was firing, but very infrequently. it only fired randomly once and a while. I think that I need a new magneto and points but the only place I can find them is at http://www.de-brommershop.com/nl/dept_91.html and quite frankly I dont want to inport zundapp parts from europe. its to expensive. any idea where I could get zundapp parts cheaper. the web site says something about a puch using the same magneto but I wanna confirm this before purchasing anything.

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yeah looking at their site and not speaking the language i see the coil ele134 it says puch maxi and zundapp! looking at the magnetto zund7786r it looks on the ouside very similar to my maxis' magneto/flywheel, but the maxi magnetos in the U.S. do not use an internal ignition coil which is what I think the zundapp one is. "that black coil on the stator plate" but maybe you could just use a puch maxi external ignition coil with the maxis' stator?Good luck.jim

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Ryan Vandijk /

thanks dude ill look into finding a maxi mag.

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I've got a complete Puch magneto available - stator, points, condenser and rotor. But really, you probably just need a new (or clean) set of points and a decent condenser to fix it.

This is a Bosch M-19 magneto, and is used on several different mopeds.. Puch, and Solo among others.

Let me know, either way.

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