PA50 II Idle problem - solved!

So, I have myself a happy little Honda "Hobbit" PA 50 II, with just one teensy little problem - I have to pedal like a muthafarker to get it started and idling.

Curiously, it's easier to start (I only have to give up pedalling and pass out on the lawn twice) if I don't have the air filter installed. Smells like a carb problem to my inexperienced 2-stroke nose...

Anyway, I crack open the shop manual (thanks, and look at what all is going to be involved in getting the carb out so I can clean it. And do I regret it. Pouring over the pages, it looks like I'm going to drain my gas tank, take most of the bike apart to even get to the carb, and once removed, I read the danger signs of 'do not scratch or score any part' and 'use a fine wire to clean the idle port' , etc.

Scary. My poor ped is covered from rust from the previous-previous owner, and I'm really paranoid about all this crap falling into the (amazingly still pristine) piston area when I remove the carb.

So, here is me giving up before I even start.


Oh, wait, what do we have here?

It's bottle of carb cleaner. Hmm. What if the problem is just some varnish over the idle port, as some people on this forum have discovered? Wouldn't it be silly if I didn't try the carb cleaner first, took the bike all apart, and that was all it was?

So, a quick spray into the carb intake...

A hop on the bike...

Choke... Key... Switch.. Petcock... Decomp...

(steel myself up for a good hour of pedalling)

pedal (puff) Pedal (putt) PEDAL (VROOM!!!!)

"Houston, we have ignition!"

Gently, I let go of the throttle... and to my amazement...

The glorious sound of an idling PA 50 II. And, for the first time in a long time, it starts on the third pedal. Wh@0t!1!!, as the kids would say.

Moral of the story: Get the shop manuals if you can, but read these forums - they can save you a lot of time with simple answers to common problems.

Now, all I need is for my title application to get back from the DMV, and I'll be a happy man.

Re: PA50 II Idle problem - solved!

Assuming you are choking the cold engine, check the air box for obstructions.. like a wasp nest or something..

Wash the foam filter element in soap and water and dry it .. don't oil the filter regardless of what the manual says.

If a squirt of Starter Fluid gets it started immediately you can bet the carb's idle jet is clogged and fuel delivery is restricted.. "Search" for several detailed PA50 carb cleaning tips..

Also need a thick, steady stream of fuel to the carb..


You mighta got away with it this time but sooneer or later you'll need to drop the engine and remove the carb and clean it.. Personally i'd do it just for practice and just to clean the carb.. because it's very important to have a clean carb. Pedaling 5 miles home is no fun.

Simplest way to get the carb out, imho, is to remove the front pivot bolt and let the engine drop to the floor (after disconnecting various wires/cables/fuel line, etc). Then remove the reed-intake-manifold-carburetor as a unit (4 screws). A complete description is in several threads.. "search" this forum.

Another method suspends the frame from a rafter and then remove the pivot bolt, rear shock bolts and various cables/wires.. Pick your poison.

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