Turn signal battery

I have a '78 puch maxi and I have the turn signals for it but the battery is bad and I can't find another one. Apparently they don't make them anymore. If anyone knows where I could get one or has another alternative that I could get them to work I would appreciate it.

Re: Turn signal battery

Check out a hobby shop that has sub C cell batteries(the ones they use in electric cars) You need 5 cells for 6V. Battery packs for the cars usually have 6 cells and 7.2V. You can put it together or there may be someone there who can do it for you.

Re: Turn signal battery

The Puch signals use a recharageable NiCd pack? Didn't know that.

Re: Turn signal battery

Don't all the cateye ones?

Did Puch have signals and a battery available?

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