carb gas leak

Hey guys recently my 1985 qt50 was having starting problems untill it got to the point where it wouldnt start at all. I took the carb apart (which was very clean) and soaked and cleaned it, put it back together and its been starting right up. I have no idea what I did but it starts now. The problem I'm having no is a bad gas leak out of the lower pilot air screw assembly on the bottom of the carb assembly (theres a plastic tubing spout coming out the bottom where it leaks from). Could this be an issue related to the float bowl? I should also mention I used Permex for a sealant on the two halves because the original rubber gasket is missing. Let me know what you guys think. THanks alot!

Re: carb gas leak

permex? do you mean Permatex?

Very few (if any) gasket maker compounds or gasket sealants are suitable for use in areas in constant contact with liquid gasoline (I can't think of a single one off the top of my head) and gasoline dissolves anything-silicone.

Make a gasket .. atuo parts stores have the fuel proof paper in small rolls.. a couple sharp razor blades/Xacto knives... trace with a ball point pen.. get a leather hole punch for small holes..

Re: carb gas leak

I was cleaning my carb once, put it back together, and it was leaking like crazy. I didn't know what to do. Turns out when i was putting it back together the float had just gotten stuck in the down position, causing it to constantly give gas. It may be your gasket too, but if it is leaking out of the tube, it sounds like it might be something else. Take it apart and put it back together, putting special attention to that float.


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