Missing Parts, Need Reference

I am looking for pictures of the engine, transmission, air intake, and basically any other important parts of a 1999 Targa LX. I know I am missing parts but I do not know which or where because I have never seen one of these, close up, in working condition. I also am not sure how to start it. From what I put together from google and here I think I have to pedal it for a while and then turn the engine switch from off to on. Thank you again for all your help. I am sorry if this has already gone through the forum or if I should be looking somewhere else, searched here and could not find it.


Re: Missing Parts, Need Reference


Don't have any Tomos parts, but what you really need fist off, is a parts book (or at least an exploded diagram of the engine).

Did you look in the Moped Repair section at www.mopedriders.org? I know they have at least one or two Tomos manuals free, online.

Re: Missing Parts, Need Reference

John Joedicke /

Also go to the moped junkyard and scroll through the Tomos section. Now if it has pedals you just kick the peddle backwards while on the stand with a little throttle. If if is a cold engine you might need to push the choke lever down on the carb. when it fires and comes to life open the twist grip all the way to kick off the choke. Away you go. There is no on and off switch originally.

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