Need image of fuel system


I referenced the "shop manual" for the Honda express 78' but couldn't find any images of the gas tank/petcock/fuel line. Does this model have a petcock, if so where the hell does it go?

any ideas...suggestions

Re: Need image of fuel system

It should have a petcock somewhere.

Find the carburetor and trace the fuel line back to where it comes from. There should be a petcock at the discharge of the tank.

Re: Need image of fuel system

there is no petcock or line on the bike right now. The gas tank is removed and it has a threaded extension where I assume the petcock fits into. Anyone know what years are compatible with 78' model? I'm thinking any fuel valve with the same thread will work but i'm not sure. I'm missing more parts than I thought to this bike so any help you can offer is great.

Re: Need image of fuel system

Go to your local Honda shop. They will either have a microfiche of your bike or they will be connected online to HondaUSA and will be able to bring up the parts schematic.

These parts will probably still be available.

You are correct that any fuel tap with the same threads will work, as long as it does not interfere wih the bodywork and the hose is free to run smoothly to the carb.

Good luck

Re: Need image of fuel system

Leon Swarmer /

You. are correct too, in where the petcock should go.

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