Grande now has a bigger problem!

Alright, I have a brand new problem. Fancy that. I was riding across town when I started hearing a sound under my side cover--it sounded like the belt was dragging on the side. Then it started bogging down until it finally stopped. I took off the side cover and found that the belt really wasn't turning all that well. Then I realized that the rear pulley looked like it was rubbing against the frame of the bike, but it was rather hard to tell. I also realized that there was gear oil dripping out the plug hole.

I was a little concerned yesterday when I pulled out the gear oil plug for the first time and the internal threads came out with it. So yes, apparently it has been leaking a little.

I tried pushing in the free wheeling button but I had an extremely difficult time doing so. I then tried starting up the moped again and I did so, but turning that back wheel was very difficult. It finally started up but I had to keep constant gas to it. I noticed that the clutch wasn't spinning when it was ideling, just the variator. I rode it about a block with full throttle and started smelling a burning smell, so I walked it home. Whatever the problem is, I'm not looking forward to it. Anybody have ideas? Gear oil? Clutch? Pulley?



Re: Grande now has a bigger problem!

So I was able to get the clutch off and I found the rear pulley was in fact rubbing against the frame. What would cause this? What should I do to repair it?



Re: Grande now has a bigger problem!

How did the belt get outside of the pulley?

If it jammed it, you may have messed up the shaft that the pulley is on, and fragged the gears.

I would say call Fabio at vespa supershop, but he is long gone.

Zippie has some vespa parts, and I think Myron's may also.

You are going to have to take the rear wheel off, drain the fluid, and see if the gear reduction in the wheel is ruined.

Re: Grande now has a bigger problem!

Was it really low when you pulled the plug to check the level? Did you get the plug back in and tight?

If the back wheel would hardly spin it does not sound good.

I am going to have to agree with Bartell. I had a friend a few years back that smoked a rear gear because he ran it out of grease. The results he suffered sounds very much like yours.I believe there is a bearing in the rear gear that supports that shaft and if the bearing is gone then the shaft is probably guilded.


The first thing I would do is drain what grease still might be in there out. If its completly dry then add some till its full then drain it again. Use a clear cup and look for shavings.

If you need a rear gear call Zippy. If he can't help you I might be able to in a month or so. I am in the process of trying to round up 3-4 for parts and another couple to ride and tinker with.

I am in the Indy area, where are you at?

Re: Grande now has a bigger problem!

So I took the back wheel apart and found the gears still in tack with some gear oil left in there. I realized that my problem is that yes, the rear pulley was rubbing against the frame because the nut (that connects the back part of the pulley) was loose and made the pulley loose.

Take a look at the attached picture. Part #42 (the washer) has that little notch that fits into the hole of part 41. However, on my bike that little notch broke off so it doesn't keep the pulley in place unless the nut is tightened quite a bit. The shalft on part 34 where the washer and bolt connect has two little notches that 41 fits onto. Those notches are not perfect simply because 41 was moved around quite a bit and I imagine that the vibration caused the notches to deform. I can send a picture of the actual clutch if you can't really understand what I'm talking about. However, I tightened the end of the pulley on very tightly tonight and it's riding great. It's when the nut becomes loose that the pulley rubs against the frame and the bike doesn't really want to run as smoothly. As long as that bolt is on there nice and tight, the bike runs great. I wish I has another part 42 and maybe another part 41. Maybe a future investment.

You have any other ideas where I could either fabricate another 41 or keep that nut (part 43) nice and tight on that shaft?




Re: Grande now has a bigger problem!

Oh, by the way, I'm in Ann Arbor, MI. Thank you for the offer John. I want to get this bike going faster (or at least up to the 30 mph sticker) without really altering stock parts. I still need to check compression--we'll see.



Re: Grande now has a bigger problem!

I think you are describing the woodruf key. I didn't take too good a look at the daigram. if it's wallowed out you may need to either find a larger one and cut the top down to fit in the pully, or take that shaft to a machine shop to have a new keyway cut. You can bring the clutch in at the same time and have them both cut for a woodruf key you can actually find, instead of the metric ones that mopeds always have.

Good work finding those exploded diagrams.

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I was talking about piece 21 and 51.

The washer you are having problems with is like a lock nut. You bend the side of it up to hold the nut in place. The tang that broke off my be able to be replaced temporarily, by using a small metal drift (or screwdriver) to pound a divit of the washer into the hole, if it's close enough.

You can probably make a replacement piece out of any thin metal that you have. It dosn't even have to be round, it just has to hold the nut still.

Re: Grande now has a bigger problem!

Brennen,I may need glasses but I could not see the #'s on that break down but mbartell is right again, about having a new key way cut. I would follow his suggestion asap.

It will be hard to fine tune your stock engine to reach your 30mph goal if you keep having drive belt issues.

Did you get you a belt? did the 41 work just fine?

Here are some other things that have worked for me so far in mantaining 28-30mph.

Keep plenty of air in the tires without going over recommened pressures. Unless you drive on very rough roads or have realy dry rotted tires.

Keep the spark plug clean and gapped or buy a box of new ones

Play with the jetting a little, go one up or one down

Experiment with different oils and try to keep it at a mixture that your engine likes

Oh and keep an eye on that point gap.

I realize this is all common sense stuff but I am just trying to help.

keep us posted and good luck

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