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I have a 78 Honda Hobbit. Cleaned it all up and had her running great, until my daughter dumped it on the curb. Now, it’s not running. I have checked everything again and seems to be isolated to spark. I pull the spark plug and pedal, but no spark. I have light and horn, but no spark. Suggestions?? Does anyone know how many volts I should expect to see at the spark plug cap? Brian

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probably about 20,000 or so at the spark plug boot..

Where exactly was the damage? If the handle bars got banged up the trouble could be the kill-switch or maybe it's wiring.

To check for spark while eliminating all harness wiring and switches, connect the Black condenser wire (condenser is mounted back near the HT coil on the right side swingarm) directly to the Black/white stripe wire coming from the magneto.

These connectors are all in the rubber boot thing near the petcock.

The engine should then run unless the fault is elsewhere ..

While you're in that rubber boot, double check and see that all those connectors are still connected.. on an old bike like this the connectors can be loose..

"THIS": is the wiring diagram for the '78.

Otherwise the plug itself may have been hit and cracked? (Try a known-good spark plug of any kind) Or the spark plug wire was twisted and is broken?

It would take a hell of a shock to disturb something in the magneto..

if the bike starts and runs with the above condenser-magneto wire test, you won't be able to shut the engine off with the key or kill switch.. So disconnect those wires or pull the spark plug lead off the plug with insulated pliers to kill it..

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_Otherwise the plug itself may have been hit and cracked? (Try a known-good spark plug of any kind)_

just in case you wouldn't know better, I did NOT mean install and run the bike with any old plug.. that could damage the plug threads in the head or even the piston..

Just clamp the plug's metal base to the engine's fins to ground it.. and crank it over and look for a visible spark.

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Brian: Check the responses in the General Discussion forum.

It is bad form to post the same question in two forums. There might be a good answer for you in one forum but not the other o you could miss something.

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Yeah, I realize that now. I posted first to the general, then realized I should have posted to repair. I am checking both.

New spark plug gave me better performance, but still not right. I can get the engine started with choke lever, then wide open throttle will allow it to run wide open, but not sustained. The engine will not idle. I have had the carb off three times. It is clean and no obstructions. I begin with the needle valve setting at 1 1/2 to twl revolutions past dead seated.

The only other observation was a puff of smoke out of the side of the engine (left side) where the variator/clutch is located. One time, that was all. Would this be symptomatic of worn/blown piston rings??

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Everything checks out good. I replaced the spark plug. The engine will start with some difficulty with full choke. I am able to get the engine to continue to run at full throttle, but will not idle. It almost seems as if I have little compression, or possible valve not closing, or worn/blown piston rings. Other thoughts? How difficult is tear down and rebuild of this engine? Brian

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Check that the cable for the decompressor valve is not pinched or stretched causing the valve to not close fully.

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Any chance the muffler got damaged?

A quick way to check is to remove the exhaust flange bolts and move the pipe a little away from the exhaust port.

Be ready for some noise, then start the motor and see if it runs any differently. Mine ran perfectly right away...

Clogged mufflers seem to be a consistant problem with these oil burners...


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Yes, I did that. it ran (loudly), but only at full throttle. Is it possible when she dumped it, on the left side, she dislodged a seal on the engine? I saw a puff of smoke/carbon come out of the left side, thru the clutch/variator area when I attempted to get it going again. brian

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After a bunch of work, I decided to part this 78 PA50 II. All parts available. Brian

Re: Honda Hobbit

Do you have a title for that frame?

Re: Honda Hobbit

Oops. You already answered that in another forum, didn't you.

Re: Honda Hobbit

yeah, sorry about that. trying to capture sell and the repari crowd. brian

Re: Honda Hobbit - 78 - parting it out

still have parts left. email me at brian

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