Noobish Tire question(with a tale)

Greetings all,

Let's start with the tale? I was in Kindergarten... I remember visiting my Dad and Step mom and seeing my first glimpse of the Puch Maxi he had bought for my Step mom so she could deliver her AVON.. The year was 1978 he had bought a 1977 leftover...

As the years went my Dad would use it more often he would stick me on the carrier on the back and we would run down the street to get a 2 litre bottle of coke on Sundays(This is very illegal not to mention dangerous to do these days.)

My step sister used what affectionately became known as the "Dook Dook" cause when it idled it made a "Dookdookdookdookdookdook" noise. As I turned 16 I had my first car then at 18 I had my second car that dies a horrible transmission death.. Stuck with no ride to work my Dad offered me the "Dook Dook"...

It was the early 90's... Mopeds were not very cool but through ribbing and ridicule I drove to work every day through college. The 13year old "Dook Dook" had just mild surface rust that I cleaned and repaired.. A new spark plug, and air in the tires, and she purred like a kitten at 30 Mph... The throttle cable broke and Not able to find one locally at the time I Jerry rigged a replacement out of a 10 speed gear shift cable and misc. bicycle parts.

I saved enough to buy my third car. A 1983 Cadillac Sedan Deville... The "Dook Dook" was stored in my mothers Garage until 3 years ago when I Bought my first house at 34... The Rear tire is bald and cracking and I stuck it under the Deck...

Last week I was filling my 1995 Jeep Cherokee with gas...... 56 Dollars later.. I drove home to a messy back yard filled with toys from my son’s weekend antics. As I'm throwing toys under the deck there under a tarp is the "Dook Dook"...

I wheeled her out. Checked for a spark. Plenty... Shook the gas... Hmmmm... Just as a test I squirted a load of fresh gas in the intake and she fired up.. I pulled the carb off and sure enough gummy gas filled the bowl... After a soak and new fuel line and mending a broken petcock (That's an embarrassing story.) I did one roll of the peddles: A big puff of smoke and a the sound was: "WAAAAANNNNNGGangangangangdookdookdookdookdookdookdook..." In my Jubilation I shouted "Behold the triumphant return of the "Dook Dook!!!" My wife gave me a look that said "Yeah you’re a nut!"

After slowly filling the tires up with air I took her out... she ran great for about 20 minutes then no take off or if put gas to her she would lose power... It was 7:30 PM on Saturday so I went inside to cook dinner and the next morning I pulled the carb out again... All the gum I could not get with the screw driver had worked loose so a thorough cleaning later had the Dook Dook rumbling down the street at 30 MPH again when "POW!" The rear tire blew out....

Well I knew I would need new tires... so now the Noobish question:

On the original tires they have 2.00 -17 as a size.. Now, On most of my cars I usually Go up a size... I dunno why really maybe it a "compensating for something" thing... Anyway, I'm a cheap bastard... Looking around everywhere on the planet I got to where my Computer addiction is often cured... EBay...

I can find brand new 2.25 -17 tires with tubes all over the place on EBay... And as a matter of fact I went to the motorcycle dealership down the road tried on a helmet I liked for 89 bucks and then bought it on e-bay for 35 plus 15 bucks shipping. SO anyway, will a 2.25 - 17 tire fit? Is the 2.00/2.25 the tread width or rim width?

I Hope you enjoyed my tale and any guidance is appreciated...

Re: Noobish Tire question(with a tale)

I was under the impression that 2.25 x 17 was the standard tire size for 70's Puch bikes. In any case, have you looked at JC Whitney, or given a call to Handybikes USA?

Re: Noobish Tire question(with a tale)

They are measured kind of like bicycle tires 17 is the rim size, and 2.25 is the width.

You can possibly cram a 2.5 in there but a 2.75 or 3.00 may be too thick. after 3.00 you go to motorcycle tires, and they use some sort of car-tire-size system.

Re: Noobish Tire question(with a tale)

Joel, I enjoyed your tale. Glad to hear your restoration is producing results. I got my tires from look in tires, then Michellin. You could use the Gazelles or VM100s. I'd call ahead and check for availability, though; when I ordered, their site didn't show that the tires I wanted were out of stock.

They don't have tubes for some reason, so I got those at 1977 Mopeds. Their contact info is on

Re: Noobish Tire question(with a tale)

Thought this was a great story to bring back.

Re: Noobish Tire question(with a tale)

Get a 2.25X17 Michelin Gazzelle Best tire ever.Cheap too.

Re: Noobish Tire question(with a tale)

Oh yeah 2.25 is about the most you can fit between the swing arm. I bought a 250 Gazzele which is actuallt 2.70 and it would not fit.

Re: Noobish Tire question(with a tale)

That _was_ a good story.

Do people not look at dates or read whole threads before responding?

Re: Noobish Tire question(with a tale)

It would be nice to know if the bike is still around , the post is from 9-05

Re: Noobish Tire question(with a tale)

Some one should try to email him just to ask.This story needs an ending.

Re: Noobish Tire question(with a tale)

Damn I didnt even notice how old it was.

Re: Noobish Tire question(with a tale)

Neither did I at first.

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