Leaky petcock

I have a 1978 JC Penney Swinger 2 and can not get the petcock to stop leaking. Just purchased the modped and it runs like a top. Bad news is the petcock leaks a lot in any position. Removed petcock, cleaned and inspected. No rubber seals just a plastic washer with grooves that are seated by the spring. The first thing I would like to do is replace the petcock. Not comfortable with buying something on-line that looks like it may or may-not work. The petcock base has threads along with the tank and a nut that secures both. Any suggestions?

Re: Leaky petcock

It depends on exactly where the thing is leaking from .. leaking petcocks can be a real pain to fix .. Plumber's tape works great on leaking threads, but without knowing exactly why it's leaking it's hard to suggest a fix, other than replacement...

"Search" this forum for threads about petcock leaks.. gotta be a zillion of them. Worse comes to worse buy one off eBay or wherever. You're kinda lucky one for your bike is available, assuming one is..

Re: Leaky petcock

Found Ike's Bikes referenced in forum and on the web. I purchased an universal petcock from Ike for $18.95. $15 for the petcock and $3.95 priority US mail shipping. He is out of Ohio. Not an exact replacement but it does work without leaks. Th gas line exits to the right and not forward so I have to be carefull where my right foot goes. All is well and back on road with the wind in my face. Thanks for the refernece.

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