honda express II power problem

i just bought a 1981 honda express II and i removed the fuel tank and carb and cleaned them up really good then i put everything back together and it starts barely and wants to stall and i jump on it to drive it and i goes about three mph,i hold it wide open and it just has no power it wont open up at all,it has an electric choke and a 2 speed tranny,any help would be appreciated!

Re: honda express II power problem

It may be something simple like a dirty carburetor.. or something about the carb needs adjusting. It often takes 2 or 3 tries to get a carb really clean. Or it might be a few loose nuts or bolts.. Or the previous owner may have done one or another things or forgotten to do something.

There are a couple Express manuals on THIS page Study them.

On top of that page is Fred's Guide.. take a look at that.. and "Search" this forum for Express-related threads as far as specific questions..

Get really familiar with the bike ..check everything from one end to the other.. learn how to tune it up.. And build yourself a dependable, good running bike. It takes time and effort but it's worth it.

Re: honda express II power problem

Jonas Quimby /

The carb on an Express must be SPOTLESS inside, and properly adjusted. As well the muffler can clog up fairly easily and send your power levels into the toilet.

Oh, and your choke isnt electric. It's mechanical based on engine heat. The old ones love to gum up and stick open or closed, throwing things off. Make sure yours works before you even try to adjust your carburetor.

I wrote a guide on the Express some time ago, and it's written for the older models, but they're similar enough to be some help. Search for garage sale express here to find it.

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