It wants to run so bad...

Hi Everyone,

First off thanks for all the help I've recieved so far, much appreciated. So I have a '79 Sparta w/ a Sachs engine. I was having some electrical issues but that's all been fixed and I have a good spark now. The problem I'm having is that the thing just won't start! When I pedal it it just won't fire up. The wierd thing is when I give it gas it sounds like the engine is running faster but as soon as I release the start lever it won't keep running. Any ideas on troubleshooting?



Re: It wants to run so bad...

Is your choke on? Are you getting good fuel flow? If yes, then what's your compression at?

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Yah I tried it with the choke on, the fuel flow might be a problem since it appears the petcock is leaking a bit. If that's not it, how doyou check what the compression is at? Thanks!

Re: It wants to run so bad...

Use a compression tester. Attach the tester, turn off the choke and hold the throttle wide open. Pedal hard like you are trying to start it, until the gauge on the tester peaks out. Take a reading, and try the test a couple more times until you get an average.

Re: It wants to run so bad...

Try spraying a bit of carb cleaner in the air intake (just a single squirt).

Sometimes you can have varnish in your carb, and that will keep the bike from starting. If there's not too much varnish, the carb cleaner will clean it out.

(I found that out tonight on my PA 50 II - one squirt, and I'm a much happier fellow)

Re: It wants to run so bad...

Fuel - Compression-Power -Exhaust. The 4 things it takes to run.

If you have spark then I would eliminate power { I just think of the spark as power}

If you squirt some fuel in the carb and it still does not start .

Then I would pull the exhaust off of it and see if it trys to fire.

If niether of those work go borrow a compression tester from someone or if you have an Auto Zone you maybe able to rent one if you tell them you are working on a car{because they would love to sell you some car parts,lol}

let us know and good luck.


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