Stripped Throttle Slide

So, I go to tighten up the throttle cable on my '77 Maxi - just to realize that the screw holding the cable in the slide is hanging on by a thread. Because the silver slide thing that holds that screw is stripped.

Is there any way to disassemble the whole thing - in order to drill new threads in it (I already tried plumber's tape) or to replace it. If so - what's its proper name - I cant seem to identify it on the moped junkyard's exploded view.


Re: Stripped Throttle Slide

Try using a cable stop from your local bike shop. thanks Raymond

Re: Stripped Throttle Slide

Allen Murphy /

Permatex makes a compound for repairing threads that works well for litle problems like that.

Al Murphy

Re: Stripped Throttle Slide

The same thing happenned to me with a brand new Magura throttle setup... those things are like aluminum... very soft metal... and of course I wanted to give it that little extra half-turn and of course I stripped it lol...

I took it down to my friends hardware store and tapped it out to the next size and put a new screw in it with some blue locktite and it was stronger than ever... that metal is super soft so it taps out real easy!

Good luck :P

Re: Stripped Throttle Slide

Exactly!!! - I'm so worried about stripping everything aluminum on the carb but I didn't think about the throttle. Thanks for the advice - it was actually helpful.

Re: Stripped Throttle Slide

oh yeah.. the carb lol...

be careful not to overtighten the carb bowl... hend tighten it and give it an ever so slight turn with a wrench to finish it off... with a new gasket you don't need to tighten it to death... if the float level is right it won't leak... that's an easy part to strip too... been there... done that :P

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