Carb help for Honda Express

Hi there,

I'll attach a photo later on but here's the problem:

When I took the bowl off my carb it was full of white dust and the metal is corroded. I was cleaning it up and a piece of the main jet (the one that extends down into the bowl from the gas line) came off. it is such a clean break that it looks that it may attach somewhere. I consulted the diagram in the manual and it doesn't say a whole lot about if it's detachable or if I broke it. Without this jet it looks like gas would come pouring into the bowl. Any suggestions?

Re: Carb help for Honda Express


Re: Carb help for Honda Express

I'll put the pic up this weekend. Consult this link for diagram

I think the main jet is there close to #3 by the float valve and the piece that came off is the smallest of the three, underneath the tiny black ring on the bottom.

So does this mean that the entire jet comes out? It's very corroded and I'm afraid to break something else.

I don't see how this piece can be re attached? it's not threaded...

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