'76 Batavus Stalling

I just bought a 1976 Batavus HS-50 top-tank model. The bike has about 530 miles on it and runs really well.

After the bike is warmed up it stalls almost every time I come to a stop. I can't tell if the idle is too low or if the clutch isn't disengaging when I stop. If I pedal it'll start up right away again. Also, sometimes when I turn the engine off after riding and push or pedal it it's hard to pedal and I hear a "put" sound from the engine/exhaust like it wants to start again.

I'm going to clean the carb and change the jet, change the spark plug, clean the fuel lines and check the exhaust for carbon build up just because I haven't done that yet. There was a lot of carbon build up on the spark plug that's in there now.

The only things I can think of is the idle being too low (but it sounds right if I start and let it idle on the stand...it doesn't shut off) or the clutch spring not disengaging.

I'd like to try to fix it before hauling it down to Myron's in Fullerton.

Any suggestions?


Re: '76 Batavus Stalling

id adjust the idle a bit higher and make sure the gas cap vent isnt clogged

Re: '76 Batavus Stalling

Sounds like the clutch is not disengaging. Do you have a lever on the left handle bar labeled start? If you never used it and it starts then the clutch is stuck.

Re: '76 Batavus Stalling

Go ahead and clean the carb and try it again might be the problem. thanks Raymond

Re: '76 Batavus Stalling

I adjusted the idle and it seemed to help for a while, but after the bike's warmed up it stalls again.

How do I check the gas cap vent?

I'll clean the carb tonight...I accidentally put too much oil in the gas and my bike stopped. The measuring device I had said 2.5 ounces but was closer to 4, so it's all messed up now.

If the clutch isn't disengaging, would/could that be caused by an old clutch plate spring? What else could cause that?


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