PA50 Belt size

I am resurrecting my grandfathers 81 PA50. The drive belt is missing and I am trying to find the specs for the belt. I have the owners as well as shop manual but see no mention of size. If someone would be so kind as to take a look and let me know the size I would appreciate it.



Re: PA50 Belt size

The closest thing to it that's readily available is a Type "B" (21/32 top width, 13.32 inch thick) , 42 inch long.. cogged belt (has the bumps around the inner side for better grip). This appears to be what the PA50 uses but i can't confirm it.. had no luck cross referencing the marks and numbers on the original PA50 belt.

Shop at a large auto parts store that has a rack of generic belts to browse through .. it should be around $6 or so ..

If you ask the parts guy behind the counter to find one it could be $25 or more. The one he finds will be specific to some application.

I've run the bike on a skinny type A (1/2 inch width) when playing around with things and didn't notice any difference.. although I wouldn't recommend it as a drive belt. the "B" belt grips better and can transfer more horsepower.

Re: PA50 Belt size

John Joedicke /

Do a google search for "itslookingup" and check out what he has to say about the belt for a PA50II. OEM belt 41 inches Mitsuboshi 23100-148-7030 about 60 bucks. You can use a Dayco 17415 that is 41 1/2 inches and costs about 12 bucks. More info on there about carb removal etc.

Re: PA50 Belt size

Where did you get that 41" number for the length?

i got three original belts sitting here.. outside length is 42 inches on all three.. One bike had 5,000+ miles, one had 3,000 and one has only 400 .. i doubt they all stretched a inch but maybe they did..

yeah.. i searched the Mitsuboshi numbers a few times .. no hits as far as cross referencing to another manufacturer .. even tried converting all those numbers from metric (?) to SAE but nothing made sense.

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The mitsuboshi number is a proprietory honda part number.

The 1/2 inch belt is shorter, because the original is something like 13.5 mm- pretty screwed up if you want to replace it.

I would like to see a precision measurement of what a new stock belt is, top, bottom and sides, because you would need that info to have one made. At around $80 a pop NOS, it's worth it now.

Re: PA50 Belt size

John Joedicke /

Hey all I did was go to his site and copied the numbers. This person knows these bikes inside out. Check out his stuff by googleing that name, also he is one of the founders of the MRA site. Don't chew on me, Iam just passing on info that nobody else is inclined to give up or won't! Done with it....

Re: PA50 Belt size

i didnt mean to upset you.. just asked where you got the 41" number.. for all i knew you were the "itslookingup" guy.

I see where that page says it's 41 inches.. i guess i should ask that guy instead of asking you..

anyway, something around a 41-42 inch BX (cogged) belt will put the rear wheel near the middle of it's adjustment zone .. length is not a critical parameter.

Re: PA50 Belt size

You are probably both correct in your belt size statements. V-belt manufacturers measure their v-belts on what they call the "pitch" length. This measurement is about 3/4 of the way up the belt. This is always shorter than the outside dimension.

Mituboshi (note mitsubOshi not mitsubIshi) has a factory office in Ohio but they will not sell the belt because it is propriatary to Honda. Honda sells it but wants $$$$$

Try one of the others as referenced in the previous postings.

Re: PA50 Belt size

i've heard similar but evidently belt mfgs dont see eye to eye on everything.. There are supposedly only three ways to measure belt length..

pitch length, outside length, and nominal length ..

but then there're catalogs that use "nominal outside length" too.. wtf is that?

I got a belt here that's marked 4L 425 and it's outside length is 42.5 inches. So the way they mark them seems to vary.

I figured as much as far as the honda belt goes.. but the bike will run on just about anything.. like i said it'll run on a skinny A belt.

I wouldn't have to pay anywhere near $60 for a serpentine belt for my Lincoln.. i think it was $25 or so. Why would anyone spend $60 for a freakin moped V belt? gotta ask them i suppose.

howzabout a whole PA50II for $61

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