wont start when hot

i have a 1980 garelli rally sl and if i run it for a while and then shut it off, it wont start again, it sounds like the piston is getting stuck or something and the spark plug doesnt fire. if i let it cool down for a half hour or so it's good again, but i can't always wait a half hour. any advice?



Re: wont start when hot

Jason Luther /

my riverside has this problem too, but i found if you hold the throttle wide open while pedaling it will fire up.

Re: wont start when hot

Ok listen carfully, this is a frustrating problem but I strongly recomend that you not run your engine till the problem is fixed. Your engine is overheating that is the grinding sound from the piston bieng dry and scuffing the cylinder wall. your overheated engine is overheating the condensor which is failing at the high temp, that's why it needs to cool down for two reasons to cool the condensor and to allow for the piston to shrink a bit as it cools and allow for an easyer glide. Mostlikley your engine is not getting the petrol that it needs probably from a carb issue. You are doing damage to your engine everytime you run it, if you want to keep your bike find out why it is overheating and fix the problem before it is too late.

Re: wont start when hot

A common problem aside from what Mr. Marhsall said is known as vapor-lock. that is, exhaust vapors get caught up. I have this issue on my Sachs Prima only when its very very hot outside, like 90+ and i've been running her awhile. No grinding here though, straight up vapor lock. It sometimes helps if i hold the decompression valve open for awhile.

Re: wont start when hot

If it is vapor locking you may try taking off the gas cap and blowing into the tank or just taking the cap off it might not be venting????????

I would also head the warning of the above post. 2-smokes don't like a lean condition at all.


Re: wont start when hot

Chris, maybe Chad should run with a high oil to fuel ratio?


Re: wont start when hot


Re: wont start when hot

try a bigger jet, could be as simple as that

Re: wont start when hot

wick hardenbergh /

i had a similar problem and it turns out that the starter clutch wasn't fully engaging when it was hot because the metal expanded just that fraction of an inch. once i tightened the cable she starts every time. best of luck

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