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gonescootin /

i have a 1982 honda nu 50 that want go, When i get to 27 mph it acts like it cuts back and want go any faster. Is there a govenor on it or something? Anyone know what the top speed is supposed to be on one of these ? THANKS

Re: honda nu 50

i dunno top stock speed, but maybe it says in the MANUAL break>

the governor is likely a combination of a limited horsepower engine coupled with low gearing .. that's how most all mopeds are "governed" cause it's the cheapest way.. "Search" this forum for NU50 governor related questions/answers.

and if top speed is something higher than 27, tune it up .. read Freds Guide at the top of that manuals page..

Re: honda nu 50

gonescootin /

Thx . But i found it . It was a clogged muffler. I took it off an it jumped up to 35 mph. Thx again

Re: honda nu 50

Leon Swarmer /

I hope you are now going to clean it and put it back on. you can ruin a 2 stroke engine if you leave it off.


Re: honda nu 50

Jonas Quimby /

The Express wont be ruined by a lack of muffler, but it will be fairly loud and can lose a bit of power due to no back pressure. A good clean Express muffler should work pretty well.

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