Weak brakes - Puch Maxi


I have the worst brakes on my 77 Maxi 2hp. Are they just normally like that ???

I used brake cleaner on everything, and there is still lots of meat left on the shoes. Any suggestions???

Thanks, Bill

Re: Weak brakes - Puch Maxi

See Ya Moped Army /

Are they properly adjusted? How do the brake linings look on the drum? Even good brake shoes won't compensate for real worn out brake linings.

Re: Weak brakes - Puch Maxi

Use some plumbers cloth,and sand the drums real good.Make sure the lining on the shoes is completely dry,and sand it to.Brake shoes and drums tend to develop a hard glazing,and you need to remove it.Also,check the mechanical linkage to make sure its adjusted and working right.If the brakes still don't work right,MoPedLar is probably right.If your ped has a lot of miles on it,the drums may be worn out.I don't know any way to fix this,as the drums are part of the wheel.If this is the case,you MIGHT be able to find someone who could install extra thick linings on your shoes to compensate.This was common practice years ago.A lot of years ago.Now most brake shops just replace parts,instead of repairing things.When I first started out as a mechanic,back in the days when brake linings were still made out of asbestos,I remember being taught how to shape the linings so they matched the curvature of the drum.Back then,it was common practice to install new lining on the same shoes.Now they just replace the whole thing.Very few mechanics no how to fix anything anymore,they just replace it.

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