Thread size question...

Does anyone know the thread size for the side covers on the 1979 Moby? I bought 5 mm screws but they only go maybe one turn then bind up. Thanks. Jim.

Re: Thread size question...

Well, if a 6mm won't go in, and a 4mm falls out, then it's most likely a 5mm.

BUT - you may have a 5mm screw of the wrong threadpitch. If I recall, the thread used in that hole is rather coarse. 5mm x 1.0 maybe? I think standard pitch for a 5mm screw is 0.8.

If you don't find out the correct size and pitch, I can measure one of mine when I get back to work on Tuesday.

Re: Thread size question...

Hi Legendre. I am pretty sure that it is 5mm. You are probably right about the pitch difference though. The package (from Home Depot) does not specify the pitch - only diameter and length. (BTW, a 4 does fall out, and a 6 is definately too large). What does the 1.0 and 0.8 represent anyway - threads per mm? Thanks. Jim.

Re: Thread size question...

My metric tap and die set has two threads for the 5mm dia.

.9 and .8

You are correct that it relates to the number of threads per mm. The hardware store hould have stated which threads were on the bolts you bought. Try the other one if you can find it.

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