Minarelli V1 performance issues

Hey all,

I have a 1977 FMB Yankee Peddler with the popular Minarelli V1. The motor seems to run great, but every now and then it seems like it wants to pull harder and top out with a higher speed. What would be causing this? Is it running lean/rich? I haven't have the carb off yet, but I guess I should take it off and check it out. The guy I bought it from said he cleaned it out, then mumbled something about a slight leak. Sure enough the thing tends to drip a bit after its been running... not sure from where though. Any help would be great... thanks!

- Kurt

Re: Minarelli V1 performance issues

do some plug chops.

Re: Minarelli V1 performance issues

Plug chops?

Re: Minarelli V1 performance issues

a lean mix is very much more powerful than a safely slightly rich mixture.. burns hot and fast.. that's why an engine's power surges when it runs out of fuel..

plug chops are running a new plug, killing the engine and examining the plug.. search "plug reading" on the net to learn how to read plugs... and/or search this forum for the complete plug chop procedure.

But plug chops won't reveal much if the problem is a malfunctioning carb. They are a tuning aid and results will be misleading if the engine's got problems.

get down and remove the carb.. disassemble it and if necessary clean it.. repair gaskets or whatever so it functions as it did when new.

This chore should include the air intake system as well as fuel flow through the entire fuel pathway, from gas cap vent to the engine.. And it includes cleaning all screens / fuel filters and curing any vaciuum leaks in and around the intake manifold and cylinder.

just get the thing back to as-new stock condition..

Re: Minarelli V1 performance issues

Well I had the carb completely apart and I gave it a good cleaning (even though it really wasnt that dirty). Anyways, I found a small peice of mechanic's wire in the main jet. I removed it and put the bike back together and it ran really rich and didn't go anywhere. I'm guessing that the guy who had it before opened up the main jet too much with some wire and then put that small peice of wire to close the hole a bit. Anyways, I put the peice of wire back, and it ran like before.

I guess the wire adds a little uncertainty to the performance of the carb, so my next question is... does anyone have a cheap carb for a Minarelli V1 or know where I can get one? If I can't get the carb cheap I'll settle for a jet, but I doubt I will be able to find parts for these little carbs. Thanks again.

Re: Minarelli V1 performance issues

All carb parts are available from www.themopedjunkyard.com.

They have an exploaded diagram. You can pick and choose. All gaskets, jets, etc available. They are in Ocean City, MD

Re: Minarelli V1 performance issues

Thanks... yeah I stumbled across that site before, but it had slipped my mind. I will be making an order from there as soon as I figure out my jet size. Is that written on the jet? I remember seeing writing, but I don't remember what it said.

Re: Minarelli V1 performance issues

I have two carbs. One for the V1 and one for the V1N engines.

Both have a #52 main jet in them.

It will be a start.

Re: Minarelli V1 performance issues

I am placing an order for a new jet from www.themopedjunkyard.com but they do not have any size 49 jets (which is what I need). They do however have 48 and 50 jets. Which should I go with? Please help ASAP as I would like to get this order complete. Thanks!!

Re: Minarelli V1 performance issues

After pokin around the forums I discovered The Moped Warehouse and they have the correct size jet I need... so problem solved! Thanks everyone.

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