Tank rust

The only way that I've ever successfully removed rust from inside a gas tank,is to wash it out good first with Castrol Superclean (the purple stuff) to get all traces of gas and oil out of it,rinse it out good with water,then fill it up with muriatic acid,let it set overnight,pour out the acid,and the tank will be nice and clean.rinse out the acid good with water,pour out the water,then immediarely fill the tank with premix to keep it from rusting again.once it gets a good coating of oil on it,it won't rust anymore.Only use Kreem if the tank already has pinhole leaks in it.That stuff is a nightmare if things don't go exactly right.It's not really a do it yourself kind of thing,even though it's advertised as such.Jerry.

Re: Tank rust

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While the method I described above does work,it is dangerous if you do not know how to handle muriatic acid.I didn't give sufficient thought to that when I recommended using it.It takes special care and handling to use it safely,therefore,if you don't know how to use it safely,DON'T USE IT.Jerry.

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thanks for the warning :)

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