Turn siganls

on my fa50 the turn signals dont blink it just satys on. Do the fa50s' signals saty on or are they supposed to flash?

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I'm pretty sure they're supposed to flash, otherwise they wouldnt be "blinkers" they'd be "little orange lights".

You may be grounding out on a connection somewhere. Trace your wires back to the terminal board. Make sure you have no frays or kinks in any of the wires. Also, check to see if you have any solenoids or small diodes in the wiring harness. They may be burnt out causing the lights to stay on.

I just checked www.mopedriders.com and they dont have the Suzuki FA50 manual online so that wont do you any good. Try posting a question on that site, maybe someone there knows a bit more about your bike.

Go nuts.


Re: Turn siganls

I used to have a FA50, and found that if your battery was in poor condition it would cause all kinds of havoc on anything electrical. I personally keep blowing headlights ($40 a pop at the time) but I did run into a occasion when the turn signals wouldn't blink. Found out my battery was dead, flat, gonzo. Charging it to a good healthy 6V did the trick.

Yes I said 6V, If I remember correctly the FA50 has a 6V system so don't try and use your car battery charger on this battery, or try and boost it from your car!! (Learned both from EP, the hard way)

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That's right! I forgot the FA50 had a battery. Good pickup BigM.

Wal-Mart sells cheap 12v/6v chargers for about 25 bucks. Best investment I ever made.


Re: Turn siganls

how do they work because there anrent any terminals on my battery. When i bought it i hd to fill it manully with acid?

Re: Turn siganls

Leon Swarmer /

The wires coming off the battery are the terminals

But if you look for a charger it has to be rated in fractions of amps..I forgot the Number. I use a radio shack 6 vlt adapter


Re: Turn siganls

The key to getting a good 6v charger is look for "trickle" charge written on the package. I believe a "trickle" charge is 0.2~0.6 amps. Mine also has a 2 amp setting for a "quick" charge (8 Hours) if you can call that quick in a world where 5 minutes in line at Wal-Mart feels like an eternity.

Re: Turn siganls

As far as charging it I used to use a small bolt that would "plug" into the red wire alowing me to attach the charger.

Sorry forgot that part in my last post.

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