Air Filter on Batavus

I was wondering where the air filter is located on the batavus star flite?? I don't know much about it, i just got it. Also, where is the condenser and what does it do??


Re: Air Filter on Batavus

a condenser is a little shiny can-shaped thing with one wire, usually black or green.. It quickly absorbs high voltage from the "high tension coil" and it deters arcing across the points when they open.. (arcing/sparking pits the point contact surfaces and the hard non-conductive residue has to be scraped off)

here's a Batavus manual that might be useful

Re: Air Filter on Batavus

Leon Swarmer /

if you follow your fuel line from the petcock you will find the carb. a big pipe thing goes to the engine. On the other end of the carb their should be an air filter. This may all be covered with plastic panels on your Starflite.

PS thanks for starting the new thread. Have you changed and gapped your spark plug yet?


Re: Air Filter on Batavus

I thought I read somewhere that if your ped is running sluggish it may be the condenser needs replacing?

I was thinking of replacing mine.

Mountain Man

Re: Air Filter on Batavus

the spark plug looks new to me. Thank you for the suggestions, i will try to figure all this stuff out. you are all a lot of help, thanks.

Re: Air Filter on Batavus

the condensers capacitance has an effect on the strength of the spark, so if the sluggish running is due to ignition it can't hurt to swap a good/new one and see.

but condensers that totally fail would be like running without one and i doubt you'd get any spark... the short to ground would ground the points.

Re: Air Filter on Batavus

You don't need to remove side panels,

paste this link into your browser and look at the page number 13 in this manual.


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