Piaggio Ciao won't idle

I just got my 76 Piaggio Ciao running. I cleaned tank and the carb. Started right up on the stand. When I apply the brake or am at a stop it dies. Can't seem to get it to idle. Anyone have any suggestions?

Re: Piaggio Ciao won't idle

Check this post:


Furthermore, my Ciao would sometimesi want to die when I applied the breaks--check the wiring in the break light. Did you check the idle screw? screw it all the way in on the stand and unscrew it just enough to keep it idleing. Check the throttle slide too and make sure it it's opening is fine at a standstill--adjust as needed.



Re: Piaggio Ciao won't idle

Bruce Wilkinson /

One of the starter shoes on the clutch could be broken.

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