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I ride a 1976 puch maxi.There are a few problems with my moped. First of all it is hard to start. When I start it I have to use the choke each time and even then it takes three or four kicks before the engine will start and I have to give it a lot of gas right away or else the engine will just die. It also runs really rich and idles very loudly. I want to know if a simple cleaning of the exhaust and perhaps a new spark plug will help remedy this or if something more extreme needs to happen. Thanks.

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running rich could mean air supply is restricted .. or that the carb is dirty and internally leaking and fuel level is too high .. idle system jet could be clogged or idle mixture screw is in need of adjustment.

using the choke to start is normal. Starting requires a very rich air:fuel mix, near 2:1, and that's what the choke is there for.. but if the carb is clogged or dirty, even the choke cannot force enough fuel to get through to the engine.

As a test, squirt a bit of Starter Fluid into the carb and try to start.. If it starts easily, every time, you can be confident the carb needs a cleaning.. It's not delivering fuel as it should.

The higher speed running also sounds like air:fuel mixture problems .. could be running rich or lean.. either of which can be due to dirt preventingthe carb from operating correctly.

Rather than a simple cleaning of the exhaust, consider a simple cleaning of the carburetor.

Re: Running Rich

If its LOUD DONT RIDE IT!. Look at the exhuast connection.

Re: Running Rich

I have a 77 Newport and it's normal to need the choke to start it especially when it is cold...

One thing you should always do and I figured it out after I read the owner's manual hehe is depress the black primer button to fill the carb untill it drips a few drops on the ground before you try to fire it up... after it starts and sounds like it is struggling to get going hit the black button a few times to feed some more fuel into the carb.. resist the urge to open the throttle at this point because it will flood and kill the engine and it's REALLY hard to start after that... just tap the primer button a few times and it will smooth out and hummmmmmm :P

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